December 5, 2019

Can a Forensic Consultant’s Services Lead to Other Types of Services?

If you’re working on a case with a forensic consultant like Dr. Chundru, you might find that his expertise and services offered can help you with a variety of items related to your lawsuit. To help you better understand how Dr. Chundru can support you from discovery to the final verdict, here’s an explanation of how your work with Dr. Chundru may evolve over time.

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November 21, 2019

What Types of Cases Can a Forensic Expert Witness Help With?

If you’re representing one side of a criminal or civil case that involves a death or serious injury, working with a forensic expert witness like Dr. Chundru can help you with both pretrial consulting and expert witness testimony. Every year, Dr. Chundru helps legal teams prepare their cases and provide expert testimony as to how a death or serious injury occurred in terms that a judge or jury can easily understand.

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