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When criminal cases involve unnatural deaths, forensic pathology expert witnesses play a critical role in untangling the evidence around the case in order to help the court determine whether the defendant is guilty of the charges brought against them or innocent. With the opinion of an expert witness, the court is given an unbiased opinion that analyzes the facts of the case.

What Is an Expert Witness?

Expert witnesses have extensive training in their specific fields, and their niche knowledge allows them to provide unbiased opinions based on the evidence presented to them.

The role of an expert witness is to provide this kind of opinion to help the court get a clear, accurate understanding of the case.

Forensic Pathology in Criminal Cases

Forensic pathologists are medical professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience investigating unnatural deaths. With their combined expertise in medicine and pathology, they investigate why a death happened and what led to the death.

During a criminal case, a forensic pathologist like Dr. Satish Chundru might serve as an expert witness. They will examine the available evidence and provide an unbiased, fact-based opinion as to the cause of death. As an expert witness, a forensic pathologist’s role might include answering questions, elaborating on obscure details, and explaining why certain aspects of their findings may be relevant to the court.

Forensic Pathologists as Expert Witnesses

When forensic pathologists work as expert witnesses for a criminal case, they are responsible for providing an unbiased opinion based on the evidence. Before testifying in court, forensic pathologists review all relevant case materials, including lab results, medical records, photographs, and other documents. When called upon, forensic pathologists will prepare an expert report that summarizes their findings and opinions on those findings.

When a forensic pathology expert witness testifies, they discuss the facts of the case. Depending on the trial, the forensic pathologist may undergo both direct examination and cross-examination: The attorneys for both the prosecution and defense will ask a series of questions to support their cases. This is an opportunity for forensic pathologists to explain their findings, clarify certain details, and defend their conclusions.

Work with an Expert Forensic Pathologist

A forensic pathology expert witness can play a critical role in criminal cases. Dr. Satish Chundru is a board-certified forensic pathologist with years of experience providing opinions as an expert witness. Learn more about his qualifications and how to work with him.