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Legal counsel and law enforcement may benefit from non-fatal injury evaluation as part of their criminal and civil cases. As a forensic pathologist, Dr. Satish Chundru can examine the records and reports available to determine whether an injury is consistent with the claims being made.

Dr. Chundru supports prosecutors, plaintiffs, defense attorneys, and law enforcement throughout the United States. Clients rely on him to guide them through highly technical medical issues. He may also participate in the case through reporting, deposition, or testimony before a jury.

Clients choose to work with Dr. Chundru based on his background and impeccable reputation in the field. He has been a practitioner for nearly 20 years and has reviewed thousands of cases over the course of his career. Dr. Chundru is one of the few Board Certified Forensic Pathologists in the country and has extensive experience, including 10 years as the deputy chief medical examiner for Fort Walton County in Austin, Texas.

Meet Forensic Pathologist Dr. Chundru

As a Board Certified Forensic Pathologist with many years of experience, Dr. Chundru is trusted by clients across the country for his professionalism, compassion, and expertise.

Meet Dr. Chundru

Reasons for a Non-Fatal Injury Evaluation

In a criminal or civil matter, attorneys may dispute the causes for injuries sustained by a party to the case. For example, a prosecutor may claim that the defendant assaulted their client, and it may be the defense’s position that these injuries were self-inflicted. As in many legal matters, the outcome of the case may hinge on the most persuasive argument. With a non-fatal injury evaluation:

  • Dr. Chundru can support attorneys in finding explanations for injuries based on science and experience or in strengthening an attorney’s argument by educating the attorney on the science. It is not uncommon that the initial interpretation of an injury by a doctor is wrong based on known science.
  • Dr. Chundru will render an opinion based on scientific fact. The explanation of what could or could not have been the cause of an injury will follow from analysis of all of the resources available.
  • Attorneys will be able to explain complex medical concepts in a clear and simple way. Dr. Chundru helps his clients understand the findings of a non-fatal injury evaluation and to present them to a layperson audience.

“We actually have not had an encounter yet with a doctor who cared so much..You are the first. I am grateful to have spoken to you.”

– H.C., North Carolina


What Clients Can Expect With a Non-Fatal Injury Evaluation

As part of initial consultations, Dr. Chundru will speak with prospective clients about their case, learning about the parties involved, legal strategy, and injuries that were sustained. Attorneys frequently want to know whether the argument that they wish to make will be supported with a non-fatal injury evaluation. In some cases, Dr. Chundru can provide a yes or no answer in this preliminary discussion. In other cases, he requires further time and information to investigate.

Once a client decides to work with Dr. Chundru, he will typically review resources that include:

  • Medical records.
  • Laboratory reports.
  • Photographs of the injuries.
  • Police reports.

Dr. Chundru does not generally need to speak with the injured individual. However, there may be details that an attorney or law enforcement representative should pursue based on his analysis.

The result of Dr. Chundru’s review will be a comprehensive report. Depending on the client’s needs, he can typically deliver the report within two weeks of receiving all necessary resources. Clients may choose to combine Dr. Chundru’s non-fatal injury evaluation with other services that he offers, such as his testimony as a witness in court proceedings.

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Contact Dr. Chundru to learn about his work evaluating nonfatal injuries for criminal and civil cases. Reach him online or by calling (512) 240-1060.

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