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What is a Medical Record Review?

A family may have questions about the passing of a loved one and the medical treatment that he or she received. In particular, the family may wish to know if the medical provider contributed to their passing as a result of negligence, omissions, or errors. A medical record review can provide the answers that the family needs and is often the step taken before pursuing legal action.

Doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies may also request a medical record review to explore the facts of a deceased patient’s case and to defend against liability. A thorough analysis can provide important insights in advance of or in response to litigation.

As a Forensic Pathologist, Dr. Satish Chundru offers information and answers to families, medical practitioners, hospitals, and insurers. His evaluations of medical resources and subsequent opinions are based on years of training and experience in the field. Following his review, Dr. Chundru can provide additional support as an expert witness should litigation become necessary. His services are available nationwide through conference calls and in Central Texas through in-person appearances.

Meet Forensic Pathologist Dr. Chundru

As a Board Certified Forensic Pathologist with many years of experience, Dr. Chundru is trusted by clients across the country for his professionalism, compassion, and expertise.

Meet Dr. Chundru

What is The Purpose of a Medical Record Review?

A medical record review is most often used by family members who want answers after the death of a loved one if they:

1) believe the death was directly related to the medical treatment their loved one received.

2) believe the death was the result of the negligence of the doctor or facility.

3) believe the death was caused by an error on the part of medical staff, or

4) believe the doctor or hospital is omitting information surrounding the death of a loved one. An outside medical record review is often the first step that families take before pursuing legal action.

Note that medical record review is primarily for dealing with issues involving the deceased; for living patients, Dr. Chundru offers only injury evaluation as a service.

Dr. Chundru may be able to provide answers to families’ questions depending on the facts of the case and science-based knowledge. His services include the thorough review of medical records, which can not only provide families with greater insight but may also have a bearing on legal matters. Here is a full list of all the services available:

  • Medical chronologies
  • Timeline of key events
  • Assess the severity of the injury
  • Determine case merit
  • Screen cases for merit
  • Build medical chronologies and timelines
  • Address the necessity and appropriateness of case, causality, and relatedness
  • Identifying factors that cause alleged damages or injuries

Choosing to Perform a Medical Record Review

Families concerned about the treatment that their loved one received may have challenges getting answers from medical providers:

  • There may be a clear and reasonable explanation for the treatment, but the provider may be unwilling or unable to share it.
  • The family may suspect negligence, omissions, or errors in the care of their loved one but not have the training to identify these issues.
  • A family may be considering legal action and may benefit from the opinion of a medical professional before investing time and money in its pursuit.

Healthcare providers may benefit from a medical record review for different reasons. For example, a knowledgeable third party can provide an unbiased audit of an opinion on the data. Reporting can help providers defend their decisions, see where lapses may have occurred, and understand areas in which they may face liability.

“We actually have not had an encounter yet with a doctor who cared so much..You are the first. I am grateful to have spoken to you.”

– H.C., North Carolina


What Kind of Experience Does Dr. Chundru Have?

Dr. Chundru is a board-certified forensic pathologist – one of only about 500 in the United States. He has provided forensic pathology services to clients for 19 years, has performed over 8,000 autopsies, and has reviewed thousands of cases.

What Clients Can Expect with a Medical Record Review

Dr. Chundru will perform a medical record review to address the specific questions and concerns his clients have. He has nearly 19 years of experience in the field, is one of only about 500 Board Certified Forensic Pathologists in the United States, and has reviewed thousands of cases over the course of his career.

Clients will typically begin with a telephone call to discuss their needs. During this conversation, Dr. Chundru will learn about the case, talk about the client’s goals, and discuss his work. He will also help the client understand what is and isn’t possible with a medical record review to ensure that his services are a fit.

Once a client decides to move forward, Dr. Chundru will analyze all of the relevant resources related to the patient and medical provider. This may include:

  • Medical records.
  • Facility records.
  • Communications between the family and the facility.
  • Internal communications.

Dr. Chundru will follow a comprehensive approach so as to identify details that may otherwise go undetected. Generally, he can provide a report from his medical record review within two weeks, depending on the client’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about the quality of medical treatment that a loved one received, or if you are a medical provider and are facing potential legal action related to your work, learn more about Dr. Chundru’s medical record review service. Get in touch online or by calling (305) 283-3371.

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