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Many questions may remain even after a medical examiner performs an autopsy or a physician renders a medical opinion. Physical examinations, laboratory data, hospital records, and crime scene reports can all have different interpretations based on the focus of a Forensic investigation and on the experience and skill of the investigator.

DR. SATISH CHUNDRU provides expert witness services by serving as a forensic pathology expert witness in legal cases throughout the United States that involve death or serious injury. He supports attorneys, law enforcement, and commercial interests in civil and criminal matters and provides analysis and opinions as part of this work. Dr. Chundru has served on both the plaintiff and defense sides for cases concerning:

  • Litigation against businesses related to an individual’s death or injury.
  • Malpractice and personal injury suits.
  • Crime scene analysis.
  • Claims related to abuse, assault, and accidents.
  • Investigation of disease processes related to mesothelioma, tobacco, and drugs.

Meet Forensic Pathologist Dr. Chundru

As a Board Certified Forensic Pathologist with many years of experience, Dr. Chundru is trusted by clients across the country for his professionalism, compassion, and expertise.

Meet Dr. Chundru

What is The Role of a Pathology Expert Witness?

Forensic pathology expert witnesses like Dr. Chundru provides forensic expert witness services for clients all over the United States who need help during litigation. Through their education and training, they are able to provide unique and expert insight into cases involving death or serious injury.

Reasons Clients Choose to Partner With Dr. Chundru

In selecting a forensic pathology expert witness, clients must consider the professional’s knowledge and reputation, their ability to communicate complex information clearly, and their capacity to interpret the data properly.

His Experience

Dr. Satish Chundru has spent nearly 20 years as a Forensic Pathologist and is one of few Board Certified professionals in the field. His credentials include 10 years as the Deputy Chief Medical Examiner for Travis County in Austin, Texas. As part of his training, Dr. Chundru was selected for one of the country’s most competitive fellowship programs in Forensic Pathology at the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner’s Office.

His CLEAR Communication sTYLE

Dr. Chundru has extensive experience explaining his findings to a lay audience. Whether he is advising legal counsel and law enforcement or speaking before a jury as a forensic pathology expert witness, he is able to share his opinion in a way that is clear and based on science.

His Comprehensive Interpretation

In some cases, clients hire Dr. Chundru to confirm the opinion of the Medical Examiner or physician who conducted the initial analysis. In other cases, aspects of this opinion are in doubt. Dr. Chundru can deliver a second opinion backed by the evidence and following sound, comprehensive methodology.

“We actually have not had an encounter yet with a doctor who cared so much..You are the first. I am grateful to have spoken to you.”

– H.C., North Carolina


Working With a Forensic PATHOLOGY Expert Witness

Most of Dr. Chundru’s clients will start with a free consultation by phone or in person. During their conversation, he will take the time to learn the facts of the case, answer questions about his work, and learn what the client wants to accomplish through his services.

Most commonly, clients want to know if forensic analysis will strengthen the legal argument they wish to make. Dr. Chundru provides analysis based on scientific fact and the evidence available. During the initial consultation, he can generally help a prospective client know if he will be able to support their argument and their case.

Assuming that this is possible, clients will provide access to the resources that Dr. Chundru will require to render his opinion. As a forensic pathology expert witness, he will not typically need to perform a physical examination of the individual who has died or sustained serious injury. Instead, he will review the data and reports already compiled by the initial examiner or physician. This may include:

  • Autopsy, medical, and laboratory reports.
  • Police reports and crime scene notes.
  • Other relevant materials from the plaintiff, prosecution, or defense.

Some clients only want guidance and background information: a source they can turn to with questions as they prepare for their case. Others require a written report or participation in a deposition or trial. Dr. Chundru can typically accommodate all of these requests, and with enough notice, he is able to travel throughout the United States to participate in legal hearings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get in Contact with Dr. Chundru for Forensic Expert Witness Services?

If you’re interested in having Dr. Chundru serve as your forensic pathology expert witness on a legal case, start by calling his office to schedule a consultation. This can be over the phone or in person, depending on your availability. During your consultation, Dr. Chundru will take the time to learn all the facts related to your case, answer any questions you have about his role as a forensic pathologist, and learn what you want to accomplish through his services.

Legal representatives who require a forensic pathology expert witness can contact Dr. Chundru for a free consultation. Get in touch online or by calling (512) 240-1060 to discuss.

Request A Consultation

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