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Providing Medical & Legal Forensic Consultant Services

Dr. Satish Chundru is a board-certified pathologist who serves as a forensic pathology consultant for criminal and civil proceedings. Dr. Chundru brings over 20 years of experience to his work with clients. He has conducted more than 8,500 autopsy procedures and has reviewed thousands of cases involving death and serious injury. Clients choose him across the country both for the knowledge he offers and for his compassionate, communicative, and professional approach.

  • Dr. Chundru provides answers and closure to families of loved ones who have passed.
  • He supports medical providers and commercial interests involved in pre-litigation or litigation concerns.
  • He assists law enforcement and legal representatives in criminal and civil cases.

Reasons To Hire a Forensic Pathology Consultant

When families believe a medical examiner missed something during the autopsy of their loved one, a medical consultant can review findings and provide an outside, second opinion on the cause of death or injury. Dr. Chundru would review the records of the original autopsy, compare them to other available records of the relevant medical history, and provide an unbiased opinion of whether there was any oversight during the initial autopsy. Alternatively, if a family believes a medical provider did not provide proper care for their loved one resulting in severe injury or death, a forensic pathology consultant like Dr. Chundru can help. The medical records review would provide a fact-based, unbiased opinion on whether proper medical processes were followed at the time of the loved one’s passing.

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Meet Forensic Pathologist Dr. Chundru

As a Board Certified Forensic Pathologist with many years of experience, Dr. Chundru is trusted by clients across the country for his professionalism, compassion, and expertise.

Meet Dr. Chundru

Choosing to Work With a Forensic Consultant

Clients rely on the services of a forensic pathology consultant for a variety of needs. Commonly, families and their legal representatives will hire Dr. Chundru following the death of or serious injury to a loved one. They may not be satisfied with the answers they have received from the Medical Examiner or healthcare provider. They may also be considering legal action against the provider or against a business that they believe caused harm to their loved one. Conversely, healthcare providers and businesses may engage a forensic pathology consultant for their own needs. In these cases, Dr. Chundru investigates the nature of a person’s death or injury, assesses potential liability, and helps in the client’s defense.

Clients from all of these categories often have questions about partnering with a forensic pathology consultant. Dr. Chundru spends time before engagements exploring cases, defining the goals of prospective clients, and advising them about whether his services can provide them with the answers they require.

“We actually have not had an encounter yet with a doctor who cared so much..You are the first. I am grateful to have spoken to you.”

– H.C., North Carolina


Forensic Consultant Services

Dr. Chundru offers a range of services to support clients at different stages of need. He encourages prospective clients to contact him about options that are not included below.

Private Autopsy

When a Medical Examiner’s Office decides not to perform an autopsy, the family of a loved one may choose to have Dr. Chundru conduct a private autopsy. Examinations generally take place at the funeral home selected by the family, are completely private, and do not need to interfere with funeral arrangements. Dr. Chundru can then discuss his findings as a forensic pathology consultant. Private autopsies are only performed in the states of Texas, Nevada, and Utah.

Second Autopsy

A family may have questions or concerns following the Medical Examiner’s autopsy and wish to get a second opinion with about their loved one with a second autopsy. Generally, in these cases, Dr. Chundru’s work as a forensic pathology consultant focuses on records review and does not require a second physical examination.

Forensic Expert Witness

Attorneys in a criminal or civil case may benefit from the expert opinion of a Board Certified Pathologist with extensive experience. As your forensic pathology consultant, Dr. Chundru can advise legal counsel in preparation for cases, provide written opinions on cases, participate in depositions, and appear as a witness before juries.

Records Review

Families may hire Dr. Chundru as a forensic pathology consultant to determine whether a medical provider has made a mistake in the care of their loved one, leading to death. Reviews such as these can guide families in their decision whether to pursue legal action against the medical provider. Dr. Chundru can also conduct a review to help a provider prepare for potential litigation.

Non-Fatal Injury Evaluation

Criminal and civil matters often deal with injuries that one of the parties to the case has experienced. A forensic pathology consultant can evaluate non-fatal injuries and provide an unbiased opinion about the causes of injury to support or contradict claims in the case.

Other Services

Dr. Chundru’s extensive training and years of experience as a Medical Examiner allow him to support clients with a host of concerns. Whether clients seek an answer to a specific question or are exploring broader issues related to a death or serious injury, he can assist them in their investigation as a forensic pathology consultant.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Families, healthcare providers, commercial interests, and legal representatives can learn more about Dr. Chundru’s work as a forensic pathology consultant through a free initial consultation. Contact him online or by calling (512) 240-1060.

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