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The death of a loved one in uncertain circumstances can prompt family members to search for answers on why it occurred. Finding out the cause of the death requires a forensic autopsy. For this forensic autopsy, healthcare providers need access to a professional experienced in these procedures who can offer unbiased results.

If you worry about managing these types of circumstances as a healthcare provider, having a forensic pathologist as a consultant can make a significant difference.

Proving the Cause of Death

A forensic pathologist can help prove to family members whether your services and treatments followed all reasonable standards of care prior to a loved one’s passing.

One of the most common reasons healthcare providers are sued — one in three physicians nationwide has been sued for medical malpractice — is because the family members think there was a wrongful death.

Despite your best efforts, you may not be able to explain your side, which is when reaching out to a forensic pathologist can be the best choice. A forensic pathologist can conduct an independent postmortem medical record review to confirm you followed all reasonable standards with respect to the death. In an emotionally charged situation, such as the passing of a patient, ensuring you have access to someone who will provide honest and unbiased results is essential for everyone involved.

Understanding Medical Procedures

Forensic pathologists are doctors who have the same training as any other physician. This means they possess a general understanding of reasonable medical procedures and what constitutes inappropriate treatment processes. Additionally, forensic pathologists have the training to identify the cause of death of a patient. By putting both sides of this training together, they can offer reliable results based solely on the facts that will hold up in court, should it become a necessity.

Because forensic pathologists provide services as expert witnesses, they can offer independent results by dealing solely with facts and what the forensic autopsy reveals. This can help the family of the deceased find closure, and it can assist you and your team in getting out from under a malpractice claim.

How to Get the Unbiased Answers You Need

A forensic pathologist as a consultant can offer the help you need during difficult moments as a healthcare provider. The ability to get clear answers from someone who is independent and an expert in their field can help you and your patients’ families alike.

Dr. Satish Chundru is a board-certified forensic pathologist who has provided his services for 20 years, offering forensic autopsies in Nevada, Texas, and Utah, as well as consulting services throughout the country. Learn more about Dr. Chundru to discover how his services can help you today.