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In the complex world of wrongful death cases, accurate, unbiased evidence is often the key to establishing the truth of what happened. Forensic pathology expert witnesses are crucial in shedding light on unnatural or natural circumstances surrounding a death. With their knowledge and scientific expertise, these professionals help determine the contributing factors behind a person’s passing.

What Is an Expert Witness?

Expert witnesses are professionals with specialized knowledge in niche fields who provide unbiased and fact-based opinions on circumstances presented in criminal and civil trials. They use their expertise to help ensure the court has a clear and accurate understanding of the case in order to facilitate an accurate verdict.

What Is a Forensic Pathologist?

Forensic pathologists are medical professionals who specialize in investigating deaths considered sudden, unexpected, or unnatural. They use their expertise in both medicine and pathology to determine causes of death and the manner in which deaths occur. During a typical workday, forensic pathologists might perform forensic autopsies and examine tissue samples and other relevant evidence, like toxicology reports. Their roles also involve working with law enforcement officers, and coroners to establish whether a death happened due to an accident, natural causes, suicide, or homicide.

Forensic pathologists are often called upon to testify as expert witnesses in order to provide fact-based, unbiased opinions on the circumstances surrounding a death.

Forensic Pathologists as Expert Witnesses

In wrongful death cases, forensic pathology expert witnesses like Dr. Satish Chundru are crucial. When called upon during a case, Dr. Chundru examines the evidence surrounding the unnatural or natural death of a person in order to develop an unbiased opinion as to what led to the passing of an individual.

Forensic pathologists provide their opinions in court cases to support all aspects of the court, and their role is to provide an unbiased opinion based on the facts. Through assessment of the evidence available, such as medical records, forensic autopsy findings, and other relevant data, Dr. Chundru looks for facts that can help determine the truth of the event.

In wrongful death cases, forensic pathology expert witnesses play an important role in developing unbiased, fact-based opinions regarding whether the death of an individual occurred due to another party’s negligence. They do this by reviewing the available evidence and applying their extensive knowledge of forensic pathology. Their findings can impact a case’s outcome by helping the court determine what happened.

Expert Forensic Pathology with Dr. Chundru

The role of a forensic pathology expert witness during a wrongful death case can be important, as their knowledge and expertise can unravel the complex circumstances around an unnatural or natural death. As a board-certified forensic pathologist with nearly two decades of experience, Dr. Satish Chundru offers forensic pathology expert witness services to provide  insight to court systems in their pursuit of fair, just verdicts. Learn more about Dr. Chundru’s expertise and how he can assist your case.