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While forensic consulting is generally used by attorneys, legal representatives, and law enforcement organizations in criminal and civil cases, clients benefit from forensic consulting services outside these industries. Forensic consulting services may be needed by families for private matters, by healthcare organizations, or due to workplace injuries.

Families Who Have Lost a Loved One 

In some cases, families who have lost a loved one may request more information regarding the death or suspect the medical examiner missed something in the autopsy. As an experienced forensic consultant and expert witness, Dr. Chundru can: 

  • Review the medical examiner’s findings and provide a second opinion on the cause of death or injury. 
  • Perform a private autopsy to get more information on the cause of death or injury. 
  • Perform a secondary autopsy that can be submitted as evidence in an upcoming lawsuit, especially if the death is due to a suspected crime or act of negligence. 
  • Complete a medical record review. 

Healthcare Providers and Medical Facilities 

If a healthcare provider, medical facility, or medical organization has been sued for alleged medical malpractice, they may seek an experienced forensic consultant, like Dr. Chundru, to conduct an internal investigation. 

Furthermore, Dr. Chundru can perform independent, third-party medical record reviews and provide an unbiased, professional medical opinion of the medical care the patient received to help determine if malpractice did take place.

Customers Injured by a Product 

When a product on the market repeatedly causes serious injuries or even death, injured parties or their surviving next of kin must bring lawsuits against the company that manufactures or sells the defective product. 

Dr. Chundru can aid this process through private autopsies, secondary autopsies, and investigations of serious injuries that uncover medical evidence linking to the injury or death caused by the defective, dangerous, or poorly designed product. 

Contact Dr. Chundru for Forensic Consulting Services 

Whether you need to investigate the death of a loved one or are searching for a third-party medical record review, Dr. Chundru is here to help. His comprehensive forensic consulting services are available for clients across the United States. Request a consultation today, or read through his website to learn more about his services.