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Body Undergoing AutopsyIf a family member has recently passed and you’re considering ordering a private autopsy, you should know that time is of the essence. It is preferred that autopsies are performed as close to the time of death as possible.

There are only a limited number of board certified forensic pathologists who conduct private autopsies in the United States. As such, the professional who will conduct the autopsy on your relative will likely need to travel to your city to perform the procedure. It’s recommended you contact forensic pathologists, such as DR. SATISH CHUNDRU, as soon as you are considering having the examination performed so you can check their availability and get travel plans coordinated.

Where the Autopsy Will Take Place

The procedure can take place at the funeral home you’ve selected to coordinate your loved one’s burial or cremation. Dr. Chundru is available to conduct private autopsies in Texas, Nevada, and Utah. The actual examination only takes about 2-4 hours to complete, depending on the level of complexity and circumstances surrounding the deceased’s death.

Your Timeline for Getting Much-Needed Answers

Many who order a private autopsy for their loved one report their primary goal is to receive answers to questions that may be lingering after their relative passed. Dr. Chundru understands the sense of urgency that is understandably felt by surviving family members who are grieving the death of the deceased. As such, he works diligently to provide as much information as possible within 24 hours.

The immediate findings of a private autopsy can provide a wide array of answers. They may inform family members that the death is suspected to have resulted from natural causes, trauma, an overdose, or a suspected homicide.

An autopsy is much more than a physical examination of a deceased person, though, and as such, it takes approximately 6 weeks to get the final autopsy report. During this time important samples that were taken during the examination are processed by a laboratory to provide definitive results. Toxicology reports, for example, can help Dr. Chundru determine if a death caused by an overdose was accidental or suicidal. Knowing exactly what circumstances resulted in a death can help bring closure to family members left behind.

Questions to Ask a Forensic Pathologist

By helping families throughout the country find answers regarding their loved one’s passing, Dr. Chundru has witnessed firsthand how the relatively quick window of opportunity for requesting a private autopsy can seem like a whirlwind to those who are grieving while making funeral arrangements. If you’re searching for a board certified forensic pathologist to travel to you and provide this service, he recommends you ask the following questions:

  • What is your availability over the next 3-5 days?
  • How long (hours or days) will it take you to travel to my city?
  • Based on the date my loved one died, what is the last date you would feel comfortable performing an autopsy?
  • Given our circumstances, when is the last possible time I can contact you to have an autopsy performed before burial or cremation?

The answers to these questions will give you definitive information regarding the practitioner’s availability that will help you decide if you want to move forward with the private autopsy.

Call Dr. Chundru to Check His Availability

If you’d like to inquire about Dr. Chundru’s availability to perform an autopsy on your family member, contact his practice.