Medically Reviewed by DR. SATISH CHUNDRU

Expert witness testifying | dr Satish chundru

While the job of a forensic pathologist is often to investigate and report on the cause of death, Dr. Satish Chundru is also experienced in investigating and commenting on the nature of injury causation among the living. 

In the past, Dr. Chundru has assisted families, law enforcement, legal counsel, healthcare facilities, and other organizations with investigations into non-lethal injuries to help establish the origin of injury, confirm the diagnosis of an injury, and determine true liability. 

Uncovering the Origin of Injury

Due to his extensive medical training, Dr. Chundru can investigate serious, non-lethal injuries to provide details as to how those injuries occurred and whether any pre-existing conditions contributed to the injury. In criminal and civil cases, this forensic consulting service is essential to prosecutors and defense attorneys when disputing the cause of injuries sustained to a party. 

Additionally, Dr. Chundru can go a step further and act as a forensic expert witness to testify and explain his findings. He has the unique ability to break down complicated medical and forensic terminology into information that the judge and jury can effortlessly understand. 

Confirming the Diagnosis of an Injury

If the initial medical examiner’s findings are in question or a thorough medical exam (in the case of a surviving victim) is needed to help confirm the diagnosis of an injury, Dr. Chundru can provide a second opinion to clarify what most likely caused the injury based on his scientific findings. 

Conclusive Findings with the Help of Dr. Chundru 

When it comes to uncovering the cause of a serious injury, Dr. Chundru’s opinions are squarely based on science and facts. If you need a forensic pathologist to investigate and determine the cause of a non-lethal injury, consult with Dr. Chundru. Contact him today or continue reading his site for more information.