Medically Reviewed by DR. SATISH CHUNDRU

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There are many instances in which a medical records review may be necessary for validating a diagnosis, settling a billing dispute, or assisting a company in a legal case. 

When performing a medical records review, Dr. Chundru sifts through the medical chart for potentially incomplete, imprecise, illegible, conflicting, or absent documentation of diagnoses, procedures, and treatments, as well as supporting clinical indicators. This key information helps him build an accurate picture of the individual’s encounter with the medical organization, as well as their reason for seeking treatment, any underlying illnesses, and record of treatment. 

With a thorough medical records review, Dr. Satish Chundru may uncover several pieces of information that may be valuable to the family seeking more information regarding a loved one’s death, lawyers, and litigators dealing with a legal case, or a business defending against liability. 

Confirm the Nature of Death 

If a family is questioning the death of a loved one or they aren’t confident in the initial medical examiner’s review, Dr. Chundru can perform a medical records review that identifies a timeline of key events, factors that cause alleged damages or injuries particularly in deaths, and the patient’s medical chronology to confirm the nature of death. 

Uncovering Malpractice 

A thorough medical records review by Dr. Chundru can help determine if the death of a loved one, or a patient, was potentially related to the medical treatment received. He can also uncover if malpractice was due to the potential negligence of a facility or an error on the part of a doctor, healthcare professional, or the medical staff. 

Revealing Undisclosed Information 

In some cases, the family of the deceased may believe that information related to the care and treatment of their lost loved one has been omitted by the deceased’s healthcare provider. A medical records review can help reveal if there is any potential undisclosed information, as well as what type of information is missing. 

Determining Liability 

The information uncovered in a medical records review may be important to medical institutions, healthcare organizations, private practices, and other care facilities when determining which actions would result in liability and which are defensible. 

Get a Professional Medical Records Review 

Looking for an experienced forensic pathologist to provide a comprehensive medical records review? Dr. Chundru offers professional medical records review as a service itself or as part of being an expert witness for a criminal or civil case. To learn more about his medical record review service, get in touch with him today.