Medically Reviewed by DR. SATISH CHUNDRU

| dr Satish chundru

When it comes to selecting a forensic pathology expert witness for your upcoming court case, you want to know you’re choosing someone who is well-educated and experienced in the field of forensic pathology. With 20 years of experience as both a Medical Examiner and private practice forensic pathologist who has worked on cases throughout the United States, Dr. Chundru is qualified to consult on your case or testify in a deposition or in court.

Dr. Chundru’s Career Highlights

For the first 13 years of his career, Dr. Chundru worked as a Medical Examiner. He was the Associate Medical Examiner for Miami-Dade County, Florida for nearly three years, and worked for 10 years at the Medical Examiner’s Office in Travis County in Austin, Texas as both the Deputy Chief Medical Examiner and Interim Chief Medical Examiner. During those 13 years, Dr. Chundru performed over 5,000 autopsies, giving him vast experience in determining the cause of death and manner of death.

In private practice, Dr. Chundru serves as a forensic expert witness as well as in other capacities to help families get answers about their loved one’s deaths. He assists families, physicians, and businesses by providing qualified medical advice to their legal teams. His current responsibilities include:

  • Performing private autopsies when a jurisdiction decides not to perform an autopsy on their own
  • Conducting second autopsies, which is common if families have unanswered questions after a preliminary autopsy report, or if litigation is being pursued
  • Providing medical record reviews, which is often a first step for determining if medical malpractice caused a person’s death
  • Conducting medical malpractice investigations
  • Serving as a forensic expert witness in a variety of legal cases throughout the United States

Choosing to Work with Dr. Chundru

If you’d like to draw upon and rely on Dr. Chundru’s 20 years of experience for your family’s, client’s, or business needs, the first step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chundru. Together you’ll discuss your case and goals for his services, whether it’s to perform a second autopsy or to select him as a forensic expert witness for your upcoming court case.

It’s during your consultation Dr. Chundru will set realistic expectations for what his services may be able to provide and uncover, as well as plan a course of action for those services to take place. Oftentimes in the case of private autopsies, you may be talking to Dr. Chundru on the phone one day, and meeting with him face-to-face the next day. If he’s needed as a forensic expert witness, he can begin reviewing medical records and evaluating your case as soon as the required records authorization documents are signed. Whatever task you call on him for, Dr. Chundru works diligently to help you find answers, peace, and closure.

SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION with Dr. Chundru to discuss how he can help you during your unique situation.