Judges Hammer With Old Law Book In BackgroundIf you’re representing one side of a criminal or civil case that involves a death or serious injury, working with a forensic expert witness like Dr. Chundru can help you with both pretrial consulting and expert witness testimony. In fact, every year Dr. Chundru travels throughout the world to help legal teams prepare their cases and provide expert testimony as to how a death or serious injury occurred in terms that a judge or jury can easily understand.

A Forensic Expert Witness for Criminal and Civil Cases

When most people think of a PATHOLOGY EXPERT WITNESS testifying at trial, they think the case must involve murder or at least a death that resulted due to criminal negligence by another person. While Dr. Chundru does collaborate with legal teams for these types of cases, he also helps attorneys prosecuting or defending other criminal charges, as well as works with lawyers representing clients for torts.

For example, criminal cases that Dr. Chundru can offer his consulting services for include:

  • Murder
  • Attempted Murder
  • Voluntary Manslaughter
  • Involuntary Manslaughter
  • Felony Assault and Battery

You may be surprised to see “attempted murder” and “felony assault and battery” in this list. A common misconception is that forensic expert witnesses only work on cases in which a victim has died. However, due to his extensive medical training, Dr. Chundru is also able to consult with legal teams when a person has been seriously injured but survived the trauma.

Additionally, Dr. Chundru assists legal teams involved in a wide variety of civil cases. Common torts he’s helped attorneys with include:

  • Product negligence cases, or other types of litigation in which a business may be responsible for a person’s injury or death
  • Medical malpractice lawsuits
  • Personal injury cases
  • Crime scene analysis
  • Any claim related to abuse, assault, or an accidentInvestigation into a disease-related death such as mesothelioma, tobacco, or drug use or abuse, including opioid use

Providing More Than Testimony

In addition to testifying during trials, Dr. Chundru helps legal teams with the pre-trial process, too. If you have reason to question the original medical examiner’s findings, or need to do your due diligence, Dr. Chundru is able to review an original autopsy or medical exam (in the case of a surviving victim) to help you strategize your case.

Why Work With Dr. Chundru?

While you certainly have your choice when selecting a forensic expert witness for your case, you should definitely reach out to Dr. Chundru for an initial interview so you can meet him over the phone or virtually online and learn more about how his background and experience would make him a great part of your legal team.

Dr. Chundru has been investigating deaths and serious injuries for 15 years. He’s a board-certified forensic pathologist. He first worked for nearly 3 years as the Associate Medical Examiner for Miami-Dade County. Next, he spent 10 years with the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office for Travis County in Austin, Texas, working in a variety of roles including Deputy Chief Medical Examiner and Interim Chief Medical Examiner. Now in private practice, Dr. Chundru assists legal teams as well as provides medical records reviews, medical malpractice and wrongful death investigations, private autopsies, and secondary autopsies.

To schedule a time to learn more about how Dr. Chundru can assist with your case as a forensic expert witness, call his practice at (305) 283-3371.