Medically Reviewed by DR. SATISH CHUNDRU

Gloved hands of a pathologist observing a bullet labeled as evidence | dr Satish chundruAs one of only about 500 board-certified forensic pathologists in the United States, Dr. Chundru has a breadth of experience. He helps grieving families find answers regarding their loved ones’ deaths, performs medical record reviews when negligence is suspected, conducts medical malpractice investigations, and testifies as a forensic expert witness on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants in medical malpractice lawsuits. To help you better understand how Dr. Chundru can serve you or your client, here is a full listing of his expertise.

Performing Private Autopsies

Sometimes, a jurisdiction decides not to perform an autopsy when a person passes away. This can be troubling for surviving family members who want to know why their loved one isn’t with them anymore. By traveling to funeral homes throughout the country, Dr. Chundru is able to perform private autopsies, without sacrificing a family’s desire for an open-casket viewing or funeral service.

Conducting Second Autopsies

Sometimes, a death may be the result of homicide and eventually lead to a criminal trial. In this case, both prosecutors and attorneys representing a defendant may desire a second autopsy with a second opinion as to the cause of death. Commonly performed after a funeral or cremation by reviewing the original Medical Examiner’s or Coroner’s notes and subsequent reports, this second autopsy can take place months or even years after a homicide victim has passed. 

Performing a Medical Record Review

If a person was receiving medical care before their death, surviving family members might question whether the right steps were taken to care for their loved one. Often a first step in determining whether or not a medical malpractice case will be pursued, a medical record review can be requested by a family member, physician, healthcare facility, or insurer. This allows an unbiased, trained set of eyes to review all documents related to the deceased patient’s care to determine if negligence took place, or if the physician or healthcare facility may be liable. Oftentimes when negligence is found, Dr. Chundru continues to work with the requesting party as a forensic medical witness in a subsequent trial. 

Investigating a Medical Malpractice Case

When a medical malpractice case is being pursued, Dr. Chundru is often called on by attorneys for plaintiffs and defendants to investigate the case, then testify his findings as a forensic expert witness. 

Testifying as a Forensic Expert Witness for Both Plaintiffs and Defendants

Whether chosen by attorneys because he conducted the initial medical record review and/or medical malpractice case, or simply because of his ability to break down complicated medical terminology into easy-to-consume pieces of information that any jury can understand, Dr. Chundru is frequently selected to be a PATHOLOGY EXPERT WITNESS in malpractice lawsuits.

Let Dr. Chundru Help You

Whatever your circumstances, as a forensic pathologist Dr. Chundru can provide service with care to help you find closure and peace of mind.

To consult with him about how he can help you with your case, call him today.