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If the reasons for the death of a loved one or a patient are unclear, you may need the help of a forensic pathologist. Being unsure why someone died can be challenging, regardless of whether you are a family member or part of the individual’s care team. It can make the grieving process more difficult or put you at risk of a malpractice claim. As such, getting answers is vital.

With a forensic consultation, you can get the expert opinion of someone unbiased who will solely examine the facts.

Making the Call

The first step to getting a forensic consultation is to contact the forensic pathologist you are interested in hiring as a consultant. Let them know exactly why you are calling, including what facts have eluded you or instilled doubt in your mind. The forensic pathologist will review all available information, including medical examiner records and other relevant information. They will then let you know if they can offer an unbiased answer to your query.

Throughout all stages of the forensic consultation process, the forensic pathologist is available to answer questions and clarify any procedures or specialized terminology that may need to be explained. Their goal is to provide clear findings that can be presented in court. The forensic pathologist you work with will also spend time helping you define your goals and advising you on whether their findings will be able to help you achieve them.

Understanding the Findings

It is crucial to understand that a forensic consultation will focus only on the facts that the available records can provide. The forensic pathologist will provide an unbiased voice in these situations.

Following the initial consultation, the forensic pathologist can be called on to provide their testimony in court. As an expert witness, they can provide their professional opinion to assist with your case either in person or by telecommuting.

A forensic pathologist’s dedication to offering only fact-based information makes them an important participant in a court case.

Benefiting from a Clear and Unbiased Professional Opinion

A forensic consultation can provide the answers you need after your loved one dies under uncertain circumstances or if any aspect of their medical treatment prior to their passing is called into question. The forensic pathologist you work with will look at the facts and provide their expert opinion.

Dr. Satish Chundru offers forensic consultations around the country, applying his extensive medical knowledge and 20 years of experience to get answers to complex questions. Learn more about a forensic consultation and why you may want to arrange one.