Medically Reviewed by DR. SATISH CHUNDRU

If you’d like to hire a forensic pathologist like Dr. Chundru to assist with reviewing evidence for an upcoming court case or help strategize your legal arguments, you may be wondering if he’s also available to testify in court. The answer is “Yes.” Dr. Chundru testifies in criminal and civil court cases around the globe as a forensic expert witness.

What Are Dr. Chundru’s Qualifications as a Forensic Expert Witness?

A forensic expert witness is a highly trained professional, usually a forensic pathologist, who can both investigate deaths and serious injuries, and testify about them by explaining complicated medical and legal terminology using words any judge or jury can understand.

Dr. Chundru is uniquely qualified as a forensic expert witness. First, he’s one of only about 600 board-certified pathologists in the United States. Second, he’s been practicing in the area of forensic pathology for 20 years. For about 13 of those years, he performed autopsies for jurisdictions. Now in private practice, Dr. Chundru helps families, healthcare providers, healthcare facilities, employers, companies, and attorneys with their forensic pathology needs. Finally, Dr. Chundru is an excellent communicator and is able to distill technical data into easy-to-understand bits of information.

What Types of Cases Can a Forensic Pathologist Testify In?

A forensic pathologist can testify in a wide variety of criminal and civil court cases. These include:

Criminal Cases

  • Murder cases
  • Manslaughter cases
  • Felony assault and battery cases

Civil Cases

  • Medical malpractice lawsuits
  • Workplace injury or death cases
  • Product liability cases
  • Wrongful death cases

Testimony Presented by a Forensic Pathologist in Court

By testifying in a court case, Dr. Chundru can provide his professional opinion about a variety of topics related to deaths and serious injuries. These include:

  • Providing his unbiased interpretation of findings from an autopsy originally conducted by a medical examiner
  • Sharing findings from a private or secondary autopsy he performed himself
  • Discussing results of a medical records review he performed after the death of a medical patient
  • Presenting information about a serious injury he investigated, such as one that allegedly resulted from a workplace injury or a faulty product

The Importance of Having a Trained Forensic Expert on Your Legal Team

Whether you’re the plaintiff or defendant, you can bet the opposing side is going to have its own forensic evidence to present in court. To achieve the best possible outcome from your case, you need your own independent forensic expert witness to testify about the death or injury being litigated. This testimony may even be able to help you win your case, or in a civil case where you know you’re partially at fault, reduce your perceived liability and thus lower the damages you may be ordered to pay.

Learn More About How Dr. Chundru Can Assist Your Upcoming Court Case

Having testified in several court cases, Dr. Chundru is available to assist legal teams worldwide as a forensic expert witness with upcoming criminal or civil court cases.

To learn more about how he can help, contact Dr. Chundru directly.