Medically Reviewed by DR. SATISH CHUNDRU

Stethoscope On Top of A Medical reportAs a forensic pathologist, Dr. Chundru provides an array of services to individuals affected by the death or serious injury of a loved one, patient, legal client, customer, or employee. Here’s an explanation of the services Dr. Chundru provides to various groups of people.

Providing Services to Families of Whose Loved One Has Died or Sustained a Serious Injury

As a forensic pathologist, Dr. Chundru offers a variety of services to help surviving next of kin and medical power of attorneys after they’ve lost a loved one, or their loved one has been seriously injured. For example, you may call Dr. Chundru for assistance if:

  • Your spouse, child, parent, sibling, or other family member has died, and you would like a private autopsy performed
  • You lost a family member due to a suspected crime or act of negligence, and want a secondary autopsy performed that can be submitted as evidence in an upcoming lawsuit
  • You think your next of kin may have died as a result of medical malpractice, and you desire a medical record review to see if it confirms your suspicions

Assisting Healthcare Providers and Facilities When a Family Files a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

There’s a lot of liability in the healthcare industry. If you’ve been sued for alleged medical malpractice, you need an unbiased, professional medical opinion of the medical care the patient received to help determine if malpractice did take place and, if so, what your liability is. You can also benefit from a forensic pathologist assisting with your legal defense. Dr. Chundru completes these exact tasks for healthcare providers and healthcare facilities by conducting independent, third party medical records reviews.

Helping Attorneys Prepare Their Court Cases

Dr. Chundru works with legal teams on both criminal and civil cases in a variety of capacities, including:

  • Providing testimony in depositions and trials as a forensic pathology expert witness
  • Performing medical records reviews and helping attorneys strategize their cases based on a medical record review‘s findings
  • Assisting plaintiffs and defendants in product liability and workplace injury cases

Providing Medical Evidence for Customers Injured by a Product

We’ve all heard of product recalls in the news, which typically happens when a product has been repeatedly linked to causing serious injuries or even multiple deaths. Before a recall can take place, injured parties or their surviving next of kin must bring lawsuits against the company that manufactures and/or sells the defective product. Through private autopsies, secondary autopsies, and investigations of serious injuries, a forensic pathologist like Dr. Chundru can help loved ones, and injured parties uncover medical evidence that links an injury or death to a product that is poorly designed, defective, or has malfunctioned.

Helping Employers Assess Liability in Workplace Injury or Death Cases

Just because an employee was injured or died on the job doesn’t mean an employer is wholly at fault. A variety of other factors, such as underlying medical conditions the employee may not even know he or she has, employee impairment or improper use of heavy machinery or equipment may have contributed to the accident. By investigating serious injuries and performing secondary autopsies, forensic pathologist Dr. Chundru is able to assess a company’s true liability when someone is injured or killed at work. This information can either help your business prepare a legal defense or let you know when you need to settle with a plaintiff.

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However you’re related to a death or serious injury, Dr. Chundru’s forensic pathology services can help you.

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