Medically Reviewed by DR. SATISH CHUNDRU

Man passed out due to accident at work | dr Satish chundruIf you’re being sued for a workplace injury, you need a trained medical professional to evaluate the medical claim, assess your liability, and assist with your defense. Forensic consultants like Dr. Chundru are specifically trained to help with these legal needs.

Forensic Consultants Investigate Serious Injuries

Perhaps because of popular television forensics shows, most people tend to associate forensic consultants as professionals who investigate deaths. While they definitely do that, they are also trained to investigate the causes of serious injuries, too.

When Dr. Chundru is investigating a serious injury, such as one that allegedly took place at the workplace, he looks for key pieces of information such as:

● What is the exact nature of the injury?
● Based on the injury report, what circumstances supposedly led to the injury, and does the medical evidence match that reported sequence of events?
● Does the injured party have any pre-existing medical conditions (either known or unknown to him or her) that could have contributed to the injury?
● What does the toxicology report say, and did worker impairment contribute to the workplace injury?

When Workplace Injuries Aren’t So Cut and Dry

Sometimes, a series of events leads to a workplace accident, and a business may be partially, but not wholly, at fault for a workplace accident. For example, workplace injuries can occur when:

● An employee with vertigo trips over an object that shouldn’t have been left on the ground. In this case, Dr. Chundru can help you assess your liability given that the employee’s medical condition likely contributed to the injury.
● An employee was in an accident while operating a faulty piece of heavy machinery, but the toxicology reports show the employee was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident. In this case, the fact the employee was intoxicated should help reduce your company’s liability for the accident.
● An employee was injured in a car accident while driving a company vehicle, but the medical reports raise suspicion that he or she wasn’t properly restrained.

In all of these injury types – a slip and fall, a faulty piece of machinery causing an injury, or a car accident in a company vehicle – it appears on the surface that your business would be liable for the injury. But, when looking deeper at the medical evidence, a forensic consultant can reveal that you actually have much less liability than you originally presumed, or perhaps can be found not liable at all.

When to Hire professional Help

Anytime an accident happens on the job, you should make sure the injured party immediately seeks medical treatment, and that a toxicology report is ordered. If you do find yourself served with a lawsuit, working with a forensic consultant can help you achieve the best possible outcome, such as finding evidence that reduces your liability and the amount you need to offer at settlement, or determining that other factors were truly at fault for the accident that occurred.

Dr. Satish Chundru serves as a forensic consultant and as a forensic pathology expert witness for clients across the nation. If you’ve been served papers for a workplace injury lawsuit, working with Dr. Chundru can provide you and your legal team with professionally derived information that helps you determine how to best proceed.

To inquire about his services, contact Dr. Chundru’s practice today.