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Man and woman grieving after a loss of a loved one | dr Satish chundru

When there is confusion or uncertainty around someone’s unexpected death, families and loved ones are often left with unanswered questions that prevent them from finding the closure they need. To find those answers, many seek the expertise of a forensic pathologist to determine what caused the death. But can you rely on a forensic pathologist who is outside of your state for those answers? 

Forensic Pathologists Have Licensing Limitations

If you are seeking a second autopsy from a forensic pathologist you prefer, you should understand these professionals are often limited by licensing requirements. In many cases, they are only licensed to perform autopsies in one state, and, less frequently, in a few states. You will need to find out which states your preferred forensic pathologist is licensed to perform autopsies in.

Consider Logistics When Hiring a Forensic Pathologist

Even if the forensic pathologist is licensed in the state where the autopsy will be done, they may not be able to travel from out of state to perform it. 

If your forensic pathologist is unable to travel to perform the autopsy, you will need to arrange transportation of the body to their location.

How an Out-Of-State Forensic Pathologists Can Help

Sometimes families and loved ones need to find a qualified forensic pathologist to assist them in finding answers about an unexpected death or to provide expert testimony in civil or criminal court cases. If your case does not require a physical examination, a forensic pathologist can help you, regardless of licensing requirements.

A forensic pathologist can perform a second autopsy or a postmortem medical records review without ever leaving their state, as long as you arrange secure delivery of the necessary information (medical records, autopsy reports, investigation notes, etc.) to their office.

With this information, they can do a thorough records review and provide written reports and statements via mail or email. If the courts in your jurisdiction have teleconferencing capabilities, the forensic pathologist can appear in court as an expert witness or consultant, to provide testimony in your case right from their office.

Dr. Satish Chundru assists attorneys, courts, and families from out of state and can perform autopsies in Texas, Utah, and Nevada. He is also qualified and able to be a forensic pathology expert witness or forensic consultant across the United States. To learn more about how Dr. Chundru can help you outside of your state, reach out to schedule a consultation today.