a stethoscope on a row of letter blocks spelling "malpractice"Whether you suspect a loved one was injured or died from medical malpractice, or you’re representing a healthcare provider accused of the offense, you need a medical malpractice expert witness. With 20 years of experience, Dr. Chundru has provided these services to plaintiffs and defendants throughout the United States in various capacities, including conducting private or second autopsies, performing medical record reviews, and testifying in depositions and court trials.

If You’re Representing a Family Who Suspects Medical Malpractice

Attorneys who’ve been retained by families to pursue medical malpractice cases are very knowledgeable and skilled at malpractice law. However, it takes the advanced training and knowledge of a specialized medical malpractice expert witness to provide an educated forensic opinion regarding any adverse side effects from the treatment of an illness or injury, or to conclude if a person’s death was the result of medical malpractice.

Dr. Chundru provides a variety of services as a medical malpractice expert witness, including:

  • If a death occurred, providing either a private or second autopsy (which can be performed by reviewing a medical examiner’s or coroner’s records and can be completed after burial or cremation)
  • Reviewing all medical records of the alleged victim, including records directly related to the events which may have led to medical malpractice, and any previous medical records related to the condition that was being treated at the time malpractice was suspected
  • Providing a forensic perspective with independent results from the clinical opinion of the cause of injuries or death provided by a general doctor, medical examiner, or coroner
  • Testifying in both depositions and court cases 

If You’re Representing a Healthcare Provider or Facility Accused of Medical Malpractice

If you’ve been retained by a medical professional or facility to defend a medical malpractice lawsuit, you need a medical malpractice expert witness who can offer unbiased findings. Dr. Chundru can perform the same tasks listed above to provide his expert opinion as to whether or not malpractice took place. This can help legal teams decide whether or not to take the case to a jury trial, or, if Dr. Chundru suspects malpractice actually did occur, whether or not the best possible outcome would be settling the case out of court.

Explaining Complicated Medical Information in Terms Anyone Can Understand

Many people love to watch medical drama television shows, but that doesn’t mean they know and understand the medical jargon that Dr. Chundru lives and breathes as a medical malpractice expert witness. Perhaps one of the top reasons that attorneys consult with Dr. Chundru is because of his unique ability to explain and break down complicated medical and forensic terminology into information that a layman can understand with confidence.

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