According to the most recent data available, there were 37.52 million non-lethal injuries in the United States in 2020, with the majority happening to either young or elderly individuals (ages 10 and under, and 65 and older). Civil lawsuits sometimes arise that require expert input to determine liability – if any – which is why a forensic consultant might be called to perform a non-lethal injury consultation.

What is a Non-Lethal Injury Evaluation?

A non-lethal injury evaluation involves a specially trained medical professional reviewing all medical photos and documentation of a living person who has filed a civil lawsuit against those they feel are responsible.

What is a Non-Lethal Injury Evaluation For?

The purpose of non-lethal injury evaluations is to help determine the most likely cause of the patient’s injuries. The court may then use that information to render judgement on a civil suit, but the evaluation itself is an impartial assessment based on observable facts.

Can A Forensic Pathology Expert Perform Non-Lethal Evaluations for Court?

A forensic pathologist is an ideal expert witness as a forensic consultant to perform non-lethal injury evaluations. Forensic pathologists have completed medical training as physicians, followed by specialized training in forensic pathology and a forensic pathology fellowship.

Why Should A Forensic Pathologist Be Used for Non-Lethal Evaluations in Court?

Forensic pathologists who serve as forensic consultants to perform non-lethal injury evaluations are hired to present the facts based on their findings. They are unbiased and have no connection to the court case or anyone involved. They will present the court with their professional, objective opinions based on the type(s) of injuries of the complainant, the most common causes of those injuries, and any other pertinent information surrounding the injuries in question.

Additionally, forensic consultants hired from out of state may only have access to photos and medical records, further ensuring the objectivity of their non-lethal injury evaluation.

Non-Lethal Injury Evaluations and Forensic Consultants

Forensic pathologists are qualified to perform non-lethal injury evaluations as forensic consultants. Anyone seeking evidence-based, unbiased, professional opinions on the cause of a non-lethal injury will benefit from the input of a specially trained forensic pathologist as a consultant. If you are involved in a civil lawsuit surrounding a non-lethal injury, contact Dr. Chundru to request a consultation.